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Giving a Defense for the Hope
GIVING A DEFENSE OF THE HOPE In today’s world, we are faced with many challenges. These challenges are not only imposed onto us from a physical, emotional, psychological, and financial standpoint but spiritually...
Judging Others According to The Bible
Judging Others according to the bible Introduction Keeping God’s commandments will ensure that we abide in love and in peace with one another, without quarrel. However, human nature is that we judge each...
Holy Spirit and the bible
Holy Spirit and The Bible
Holy Spirit and the Bible Introduction I have mentioned in my post on “God’s Way or our way” (9th September 2020) that I would do a follow-up on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Word of God.  You...
Christian Faith – Understanding what God wants from you Our priority is to understand what God wants from us We have the Bible, God’s message to mankind.  Hence, it is important to know and...
When was the church established?
When was the church established? It is important to establish when the Church started, and to rule out why it did not start at the cross when Jesus died.  During several conversations I have heard...
The Bible
Video: God's Way vs Our Way
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